RO & Water Cooler Spare Parts

At “We Go On Sales Corporation,” we are committed to understanding your specific requirements and providing tailored solutions. Our extensive product range, coupled with our dedication to quality, ensures that your commercial RO plant and water cooler systems operate efficiently and reliably.

Contact us today to discover how we can assist you in sourcing the right spare parts and components for your industrial and commercial water equipment needs. Experience the difference with our commitment to excellence and affordability. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Introduction :-

We, at “We Go On Sales Corporation,” are your trusted source for a comprehensive range of commercial and industrial RO & water cooler spare parts. Our commitment to delivering top-quality products at competitive prices has made us a preferred choice in the market.

Our mission is to provide superior quality components that ensure the smooth operation and longevity of your equipment.

Let’s explore the various parts that we offer for RO plants and water coolers:

RO & Water Spare Parts


  1. Membrane Filters: These essential components are at the heart of any RO system, effectively removing impurities and contaminants from water.
  2. Pumps: High-quality pumps ensure the proper flow of water through the RO membranes, maintaining system efficiency.
  3. Pressure Gauges: Monitoring pressure is crucial for optimal performance. We offer a range of pressure gauges suitable for different RO systems.
  4. Housings and Cartridges: Our selection includes durable housing units and replacement cartridges to keep your filtration process running smoothly.
  5. Tubing and Fittings: Find the right tubing and fittings to maintain the integrity of your RO system’s water pathways.
  6. Control Panels and Electronics: For industrial RO systems, we provide control panels and electronic components for efficient operation and monitoring.
  7. Valves and Solenoids: A variety of valves and solenoids to control the flow of water within the RO system.
  8. Compressors: Keep your water cooler’s refrigeration system functioning optimally with our high-performance compressors.
  9. Thermostats: Ensure precise temperature control with our thermostats designed for water cooler applications.
  10. Fans and Motors: We offer fans and motors that contribute to efficient cooling in your water cooler.
  11. Condenser Coils: Replacement coils to maintain the heat exchange process for cooling water.
  12. Dispensing Components: From taps and nozzles to drip trays, we have all the dispensing parts you need.
  13. Water Tanks: Find durable replacement tanks to store and dispense water.
  14. Filters: Ensure the quality of water dispensed by incorporating our water filters into your cooler.
  15. Safety Features: We provide safety components such as overheat protection and cut-off switches for added peace of mind.



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