AMC Plan for RO & Water cooler

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) offer several benefits for both customers and businesses.

  1. Peace of Mind: Customers have peace of mind knowing that their products or equipment are covered by a maintenance agreement. They can use their devices without worrying about unexpected breakdowns or repair costs.
  2. Regular Maintenance: AMCs often include regular preventive maintenance checks. This helps in identifying and addressing issues before they become major problems, extending the lifespan of the equipment.
  3. Cost Savings: By paying a fixed annual fee, customers can save money on potential repair or replacement costs. It’s often more cost-effective to maintain equipment than to replace it.
  4.  summary, AMC plans provide valuable benefits by ensuring the reliability, longevity, and efficient operation of products and equipment, which is beneficial for both customers and businesses




At Go On Sales Corporation, we understand the importance of maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your water purification systems, including RO (Reverse Osmosis) plants and water coolers. To ensure that your equipment operates optimally and provides clean and refreshing water, we offer Annual Maintenance Contract AMC Plan for RO & Watercooler to your needs.

Comprehensive AMC Plan for RO & Water cooler:

Our Comprehensive AMC Plan offers a wide range of services and advantages, including:

  1. Regular Maintenance: Our skilled technicians perform routine check-ups and upkeep on your RO plant or water cooler.
  2. Emergency Repairs: In case of unexpected breakdowns, our plan covers emergency repair services.
  3. Replacement Parts: We include any needed replacement parts, ensuring that you get only high-quality components.4.Priority Service: Comprehensive AMC customers receive top-priority assistance, ensuring their concerns are swiftly and effectively addressed.

Non-Comprehensive AMC Plan for RO & water Cooler

Our Non-Comprehensive AMC Plan offers essential maintenance and repair services, including:

  1. Routine Maintenance: We schedule periodic visits for basic maintenance, encompassing cleaning, essential inspections, and minor adjustments to maintain your RO plant or water cooler’s functionality.
  2. Emergency Repairs: Similar to our Comprehensive plan, the Non-Comprehensive AMC Plan covers emergency repairs to address unforeseen issues promptly.

Discounted Replacement Parts: In case of part replacements, you enjoy discounts on the cost of replacement components.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMCs) are like insurance for the things you buy, such as your car or computer. When you buy something, you want it to work well for a long time, right? Well, AMCs are like a promise from the company that made the thing. They say, “We’ll take care of it and fix any problems so it stays working great.



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