The Top 5 RO Water Purifier Brands in India


Access to clean and safe drinking water is essential for a healthy lifestyle, and in India, where water quality is often a concern, having a reliable water purifier is crucial. Among various water purification technologies, RO (Reverse Osmosis) has gained immense popularity for its effectiveness in removing impurities. In this blog post, we will explore the top 5 RO water purifier brands in India, known for their quality, performance, and advanced features.

Brand #1: Kent

Kent is a household name when it comes to water purifiers in India. With its innovative technology and extensive range of products, Kent has become a trusted choice for many households. Kent RO purifiers offer multiple purification stages, UV disinfection, and TDS controllers to ensure the water is safe and healthy. The brand’s commitment to quality and after-sales service has earned them a loyal customer base.

Brand #2: Aquaguard

Aquaguard, a brand of Eureka Forbes, has been a market leader in water purifiers for years. Their RO purifiers are equipped with features like mineral guard technology, UV e-boiling, and active copper technology. Aquaguard ensures the removal of harmful contaminants while retaining essential minerals, making the purified water both safe and healthy.

Brand #3: Livpure

Livpure is a rapidly growing brand that offers a range of RO water purifiers designed to meet diverse customer needs. Livpure’s purifiers feature RO+UV+UF purification, mineralizer technology, and advanced filtration systems to deliver clean and purified water. The brand’s focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction has helped it gain popularity among consumers.

Brand #4: Blue Star

Blue Star is a renowned brand known for its range of home appliances, including water purifiers. Blue Star RO purifiers come with features like Aqua Taste Booster, which enhances the taste of water, and copper-impregnated activated carbon to eliminate bacteria and impurities effectively. Their products offer a combination of advanced purification technologies and durability.

Brand #5: Zero B

pioneer in water purification, offers a wide range of RO purifiers under their. Zero B RO purifiers utilize multi-stage purification processes, UV chambers, and mineral cartridges to provide safe and healthy drinking water. With their extensive service network, Zero B ensures prompt after-sales support.

Conclusion: When it comes to ensuring clean and safe drinking water, investing in a reliable RO water purifier is essential. The top 5 brands discussed in this blog post, namely Kent, Aquaguard, Livpure, Blue Star, and Eureka Forbes , Zero B are renowned for their quality, performance, and customer satisfaction. Each brand offers a range of models with advanced features to cater to different needs and budgets. Remember to compare the features, read customer reviews, and consider your specific requirements before making a purchase. Cheers to a healthier lifestyle with purified water!

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