Voltas water cooler Model Fss150150 storage150L


Model Name/Number
Storage Capacity
150 L
Cooling Capacity
150 L
Number Of Taps


Introducing the Voltas water cooler Model Fss150150 storage150L your ultimate solution for staying cool and hydrated. With a spacious 150L storage capacity, it offers an endless supply of chilled water for your home or office. Voltas, known for its reliable cooling solutions, brings you a sleek and efficient design that ensures you never run out of refreshing water. Say hello to convenience and freshness with the Voltas 150150 Water Cooler.

Technical Specification

Brand Voltas
Model Name/Number 150/150
Storage Capacity 150 L
Cooling Capacity 150 L
Number Of Taps 2
Dimensions 564X 705 X1521 mm
Body Material Stainless Steel
Weight 88 Kg
Compressor ermetic Type With Suction Gas Cooled Motor, Equipped With Overload Protector
Thermostat Automatically Controls Temperature
Power Supply 230 Volts +- 10%, 50 Hz, Single Phase
Water Supply 3m to 12m head. Use Pressure Reducing Valve, If The Water Head Is Higher Than 12m.
Power Connection 5 amps 3-pin Plug With Proper Earth Connection
Water connection Inter 12.7 mm BSP connection
Maximum Current 7 amps
Refrigerant R-I34a

Product Description

Type Cold, CoolerBody Material Stainless SteelNumber of Taps 2Storage Capacity (in Liters) 300 LPower Consumption (Watt) 230Cooling Capacity 40 L/Hr, >=80 L/Hr

The Voltas 150-liter water cooler is a robust and durable cooling solution designed to meet the needs of both residential and commercial settings.

Capacity:  Voltas water cooler Model Fss150150 storage150L, this water cooler is capable of providing a continuous supply of chilled water for a large number of people. It is ideal for offices, schools, hospitals, gyms, and other high-traffic areas.

Full Steel Construction: The water cooler is built with a full steel body, which ensures excellent durability and longevity

Multiple Faucets: The Voltas water cooler typically features 2 faucets, allowing users to access water from different points simultaneously.

Temperature Control: The water cooler offers temperature control options, enabling users to adjust the cooling level according to their preferences.

Easy Maintenance: The cooler is designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Energy Efficiency: Voltas water coolers are designed to be energy-efficient, helping to reduce electricity consumption while providing reliable cooling performance.

Warrnty of products :- 1 year warranty fron Voltas as per T & C apply.


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