SDLX240B Bluestar 40L water cooler



Colour Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Storage Capacity 40 litres
Product Dimensions 44D x 44W x 115H Centimeters

We take pride in being a leading manufacturer, trader, exporter, and supplier of an extensive range of Bluestar Water Coolers.  sdlx240b bluestar 40l water cooler as it promises to keep you cool and satisfied throughout the day.



Product Specification

Brand Bluestar
Model Name/Number SDLX240b
Storage Capacity 40 L
Cooling Capacity 20 L/pr/hr
Number of Taps 1
Body grade full steel body


Introducing the SDLX240B Bluestar 40L water cooler with a full steel body – a reliable and efficient watercooler designed to your daily needs. With its large capacity and sturdy construction, this water cooler is perfect for offices, commercial spaces, company, temples,corporate use and public areas, providing a regular supply of chilled water to keep you refreshed and hydrated .

40-Liter storage Capacity: The SDLX240B Bluestar 40L water cooler boasts a spacious 40-liter storage capacity, It has enough space to store a large amount of chilled water for you to drink whenever you need it.

full Steel Body: sdlx240b Bluestar  40L water cooler a full steel body, this water cooler is built to last. The steel construction adds durability and resiliency, capable of withstanding regular usage and providing long-lasting performance.

Efficient Cooling: Sdlx240b bluestar water at an optimal temperature, offering 20 ltrr cooling capcacity per/hr refreshing and cold water on demand. It ensures a consistent and enjoyable drinking experience even during warm weather.

Sleek and Modern Design:   The full steel body contributes to an elegant and modern design, making it suitable for various settings. Whether in offices, commercial and industrial, or public spaces, the water cooler’s appearance complements any environment.

Easy Maintenance: The steel body is easy to clean and maintain, promoting a hygienic water supply. Regular cleaning helps prevent the buildup of bacteria, ensuring the water remains safe and healthy for consumption.

User-Friendly Dispensing: Equipped with user-friendly dispensing mechanisms, the Bluestar water cooler allows easy access to chilled water. It may feature buttons or levers for effortless one-handed operation.

the Bluestar water cooler 40-liter water cooler with a full steel body combines a large capacity, robust construction, efficient cooling, and user-friendly features to provide a reliable source of chilled waterwith perfect storage Perfect  sutable for commercial and public spaces.


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